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The offerings below are courses intended for those who want to dig a little deeper to understanding and taking control of their health to find their way back to wellness..

Healthy Woman

4 Week Wellness Reset

This program includes 4 weeks of using food as medicine 

~lower inflammation

~increase nutrients and antioxidants

 ~support GI health and detox pathways 

~promote mindful eating you can feel your best and get back on track!

Enjoying the Nature

Hormonal harmony


There are so many things we do in our day to day life that affects our hormones immensely. This means we also have a lot of control over. This program explores tangible things you can implement to life in harmony with your hormones. 

Get you in tuned with your cycles so you can identify potential imbalances and address them.

I'll share my approach to treating various hormonal issues including painful, heavy, or irregular periods; PMS; and even infertility. 

This program is coming soon! 

Happy Girl
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