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Are you tired of only seeing the doctor for 5-10 minutes?


How about not really feeling heard?


I get it.


You're ready to have a real, honest conversation with your doctor about your health.


You want to be an active participant in your health care plans.


You want natural solutions that work with your body.


If this resonates with you, then you've landed in the right place.

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When you work with me, you get...

  • Comprehensive one on one consults.

  • A natural medicine expert who COLLABORATES with you to create a healing plan.​

  • Access to natural solutions that work WITH your body like diet changes, natural supplements and lifestyle support!

Vermont Patients

Dr. Nicole offers specialty naturopathic care with a focus on women’s and pediatric health. She does not provide primary care services. This means she is not available 5 days /week, is not on call outside of office hours, and does not offer urgent visits. She recommends patients maintain a relationship with a primary care provider when working with her.

She accepts all major insurances including BCBS, Vermont Medicaid, Cigna, and MVP. She does not accept Medicare. 

To schedule an appointment or meet and greet please call the 802-391-4149.

Doctor's Desk

Hormonal Health, Fertility, and Postpartum Care

I have always had a passion for supporting women through the pre-conception, pregnancy, and postpartum phases. While working in primary care it became clear to me that women need so much more support in these areas than what is conventionally offered. Natural medicine offers a variety of tools to balance hormones throughout all phases of a woman's life. 


Whether you are interested in preparing for pregnancy, are having trouble trying to conceive, or are not having success with conventional treatments such as IUI and IVF, I'm here for you. Through my own journey with infertility, I developed a greater understanding and appreciation for how instrumental naturopathic medicine can be in preparing for pregnancy and managing infertility. 

Pregnant Woman in a Dress

Out of State Patients

Don't live in Vermont? That's OK!


We can still work together, connecting via telemedicine from anywhere in the world! I meet clients on a secure telemedicine platform. An initial 90 minute intake allows us to take an in-depth review of your health history, family history, lifestyle, diet, and health concerns. Follow up visits are 60 minutes long. Patients have access to the patient portal which includes secure messaging when questions arise.

Dr. Nicole cannot bill insurance when working with clients outside of Vermont. All services are out of pocket. Prices below:

  • New client visit: $250

  • Follow up visit: $125

To schedule, call our team at 802-391-4149

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