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Clients who work with me have achieved:

~Balanced hormones

~Regular cycles

~Freedom from cyclic pain, PMS, migraines, hormonal acne, and more

~Control of their fertility journey, whether that means getting pregnant or preventing pregnancy

~Healthy pregnancies and babies

~Support and empowerment through pregnancy and beyond

Client Reviews

"After finding out I had a low AMH and other labs reflecting poor egg quality, Dr. Kearney was able to provide much-needed support and knowledge regarding how to optimize my chances for conceiving a child. She offered a treatment plan that worked for me and took the time to explain how it worked with the different hormones in my body so that I actually understood the reasoning behind the supplements and how I was supporting my attempts to conceive. She also provided me with nutritional and lifestyle advice which I was able to utilize to increase my chances. Within several months of following Dr. Kearney's recommendations, I am happy to report that I became pregnant! I am so grateful to her for the support, compassion, and knowledge regarding how to optimize my fertility." SS

"Dr. Nicole Kearney listens to her patients and individualizes a plan of care based on YOU as an individual. She is kind, smart, and takes her time during your appointment. You will not feel rushed. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a doctor who specializes in women’s health." - A.K.

My Journey

2008:BA in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from the University of Vermont

2016: Graduate of the National College of Natural Medicine

2016-2018: Completed a 2-year residency in Naturopathic Primary and specialty care at Mountain View Natural Medicine

2018-2020: Full-time doctor managing primary and specialty care at Mountain View Natural Medicine

2020: Perfect Fertility Mentorship with Dr. Jaclyn Chasse of Hello Fertility

2020: Founder of Dr. Nicole Kearney

Let's work together!

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