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Introducing the Natural Path Fertility Program

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A self-led series on preparing  for conception and healthy pregnancy, naturally

As you embark on your fertility journey: 

>>Are you curious about how to best prepare your body for becoming pregnant?

>>Seeking clarity on things like the best days to try, which supplements to take and not take, when to stop using birth control, optimal nutrition ?

>>Perhaps you’re having trouble conceiving or have in the past ?

You're in the right place.


Hi, I'm Dr. Nicole...

I have a passion for helping couples navigate their fertility journey! Patients often come to me asking if there is anything they can do to prepare for pregnancy. The answer given in a conventional setting is generally to just take a prenatal and start trying.

However, there is so much we can do to prepare our bodies for conception and a healthy pregnancy.

I am excited to share this information with you!

Natural Fertility Support

In health class we're only ever taught how NOT to get pregnant, so by the time we're ready to actually get pregnant we often have lots of questions!

The philosophy of natural medicine includes removing barriers to cure and that's just what we are doing when we prepare ourselves for pregnancy from a holistic standpoint- giving ourselves the foundational building blocks needed to create new life and removing any barriers that may stand in our way. 

Another important principle of natural medicine includes the importance of education about our bodies. This empowers us to take responsibility for our health and implement change. 


By the end of this course you will:

>>Feel deeply connected to your cycle, able to recognize potential hormonal imbalances, and identify the optimal time for YOU to conceive. ​


>>Understand everything your body needs to complete the process of conception and how you can best support it mentally, emotionally and physically to do so. 


>>Be familiar with the impacts of diet and environmental factors on egg and sperm quality and  how to optimize both. 


>>Be equipped with tools to overcome common barriers couples face when trying to conceive

>>Feel empowered knowing you are doing everything you can to prepare your body for this exciting journey. 

Here's what we cover...

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>>My approach to fertility


>>What factors I'm considering when help patients optimize their fertility


>>Tests I lean on to rule out barriers to fertility

>>Basics of conception way beyond what you were taught in health class! 

>>Getting to know your menstrual cycle, the hormones involved and how they prepare us for conception

>>Identifying common hormone imbalances, why they occur, and how they impact our fertility.

>>How to combine various methods of tracking your cycle to identify your fertile window and the most optimal days for you to try to conceive.

>>Discussing common misconceptions 

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Colored Eggs

>>Common barriers that couples face when trying to conceive and how you can overcome these barriers

>>Factors that influence egg and sperm quality

>>How to optimize egg and sperm quality 

>>Supporting egg and sperm quality through: diet, antioxidants, detoxing from environmental toxins, optimal sleep

>>Mental/ emotional health when trying to conceive

>>The impact of adrenal health on fertility

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Pregnant Woman in Nature

Bonus Materials

>>Seed cycling handouts

>>Navigating Your Fertility Journey resource- for FREE

>>Meal prepping support/ inspiration

>>4 week fertility diet meal plan with recipes!

>>Free resources on tracking your cycle from Brandy Oswald of Sauvage Wellness!

Participants also get:

>>Access to community chat/ support while enrolled

>>15% off supplements at my online dispensary


>>Free food journal with macronutrient tracking while enrolled! 

Studying at Home
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Register Now!

Registration is now live!

Regular price: $499

Sign up for our first launch between 8/1 and 8/15 and get the discounted rate of $299!

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