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The Natural Path to Hormone Balance

My formula to heal your hormones so you can live symptom-free!

I get it, because I've been there

I suffered from painful periods for years and my OBGYN only offered birth control and pain medication. Then when it came time to try to conceive I got negative pregnancy test after negative pregnancy test and was eventually offered fertility treatments.

No one ever spoke to me about diet, stress management, sleep, endocrine-disrupting chemicals in my environment or more comprehensive tests. No one suggested there may be a link between my painful periods and infertility.

I had to take matters into my own hands.

I healed my hormones and experienced painless periods for the first time in my life before finally getting pregnant with our son.

I knew I wanted to help other women navigate their journey so I completed a year-long mentorship in integrative fertility and became an expert in hormonal health and fertility. 


The Natural Path Hormonal Health Program

After my own experience and everything I learned, I am so passionate about helping other women get the comprehensive, individualized care they crave and deserve. 

Enjoying Outdoor

You will feel..


Understand your hormones and body more deeply

Knowledge is power and we deserve to understand our complex and beautiful bodies so we can be empowered to give them what they need to thrive. You will leave understanding your hormones more completely


Give your body what it needs and leave the rest

By listening to our bodies, we can understand how to nourish them. Understand how to avoid the things in your environment that do not serve your hormones. 


Unlimited support between visits

Through self-led videos, functional hormone testing, and 1:1 support, you will have a better understanding of your own hormones and how to support them during our time together and beyond. 


To move forward knowing how to care for yourself better

Whether it's changing your diet, working on your mindset, or incorporating healthy habits, it doesn't happen overnight. Accountability is essential for successfully implementing change. 

The Blueprint

Month 1

Comprehensive Intake & Cycle Basics

During our first visit we will take a deep dive into not just your hormonal health history but your overall health history from head to toe. We will develop an individualized plan for you right out the gate.

  • Order initial labs

  • You will receive self-led materials on getting to know your hormones and cycle tracking

Month 2


Each month moving forward we will follow up on your current wellness plan, discuss any changes you have observed, answer questions, and modify the plan as needed.

This month we will also:

  • Review nutritional foundations for hormonal health and make any dietary goals necessary.

  • Work through self-led materials on balancing your blood sugar and optimal nutrition for hormonal wellness.

Month 3

Gut Health

  • Discuss gut health, its impacts on hormonal health, and how to optimize yours

  • Review any lab results that have come back.

  • Work through self-led materials on gut health and hormones

Month 4

Adrenal Health

  • Discuss adrenal health and its impact on hormonal health

  • Dive into how to support your adrenal health practically

  • Work through self-led materials on healing your adrenals for optimal hormonal health

  • Review any outstanding lab results

  • Provide you with a solid plan moving forward

Enjoying the Nature


"Dr. Nicole Kearney listens to her patients and individualizes a plan of care based on YOU as an individual. She is kind, smart, and takes her time during your appointment. You will not feel rushed. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a doctor who specializes in women’s health."


"Dr. Kearney's expertise, professionalism, and compassionate approach have truly made a positive impact on my health journey. She conducted a thorough assessment, communicated complex information in an understandable way, and crafted a personalized treatment plan that addressed my specific needs."


"I’ve seen countless physicians over the past year in hopes to piece together my symptoms. For the first time, I feel heard and respected. Dr. Kearney has brought so much care, compassion and curiosity to our appointments. She really takes the time to explain things in a way that makes sense and has encouraged me to be an active participant in my health plan. I could not recommend her more!"

Ready for the support you need?

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