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Hi, I'm Dr. Nicole Kearney!

If you are craving a more holistic approach to your hormonal health and fertility needs

but don’t where to start, you're not alone.

There’s a wealth of information coming at us on the internet and social media which can feel overwhelming.

On the other hand, conventional medicine can leave us feeling unheard and with a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment. 


If you want more than birth control to address your symptoms and fertility treatments to get pregnant, you’re not alone.


I’ve been there and that’s why I feel so called to help women on their journey.



As a naturopathic physician, I am passionate about helping people better understand how their bodies work and to give them access to the education, resources, and healing protocols that allow them to find relief naturally in a way that works WITH their bodies.

I've helped hundreds of women gain a deeper understanding of their hormonal health and fertility

and how they can optimize it to feel their best.


~Comprehensive testing

~An individualized approach

~To understand your hormones inside and out

~A doctor who listens and gets to the root of your concerns

~The tools to support your hormonal health so that you can feel your best 

~To be in control of your fertility- whether that means you don’t want children, you don’t want them now, or you wanted them yesterday. 

Ready to work together?


Hormone Harmony Coaching​

Dr. Nicole is no longer accepting new clients for insurance billing.

She is so excited to announce the opportunity for a limited number of clients to work with her in a setting that offers more comprehensive care over the course of three months to help you meet your health goals. 


This program includes:

~Three months of comprehensive care

~Unlimited support between meetings

~Complementary labs

~Meal plans and recipes

~Educational modules to support you on your health journey

This session is currently full but please feel free to book a discovery call for the next session which opens in the fall or

fill out the form below to receive reminders about future offerings!

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