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Are you currently accepting new patients?

Yes! I am!

The best way to schedule a new patient appointment is to call the fabulous Debbie and Glenda at 802-391-4149.

Current patients are encouraged to schedule follow up appointments online through their patient portal:

Do you accept insurance?

Yes. I accept the following insurances for folks living in Vermont:

Vermont Medicaid





I don't see my insurance listed above. Can I still be a patient?

Yes! A time of service discount is offered at the following rates:

New patients: $250

Return patients: $125

I don't live in Vermont, can I still work with Dr. Nicole?

Yes! I offer consults with clients who live outside of Vermont at the following rates:

New patients: $250

Return patients: $125

Can you be my primary care physician?

At this time, Dr. Nicole does not offer primary care services. Generally, primary care physicians have same day availability for urgent needs, on call after hours, and manage referrals. Because Dr. Nicole maintains her practice part time, she is not able to offer these services and recommends all patients have a primary care provider. 

Do you carry/ administer vaccines?

No. I do not administer vaccines. 

Office Policies:


Please allow 3-5 business days for all portal messages. If you have not heard back in this time, we encourage you to call us at 802-391-4149 to follow up. 


For urgent, or life threatening emergencies, always call 911, then your primary care provider. 


Although email can be a convenient way to communicate, due to the high volume of emails we receive and that email is not secure, please use the patient portal or call 802-391-4149 for all communication. Dr. Nicole will not respond to emails regarding patient care. 


There will be times when Dr. Nicole is on vacation and will not have coverage. Vacations will be posted on the website in advance so that you can plan accordingly. 


Dr. Nicole will always try to give you as many refills as are reasonable for the condition and medication being prescribed. If you are running low on refills, it likely means it is time to schedule a follow up visit!

Termination of doctor-patient relationship:

You may terminate our relationship at any time for any reason. We would appreciate communication from you expressing your desire for termination, but it is not required. Likewise, Dr. Nicole may terminate your relationship at any time. Generally, she will reserve this measure for patients who are not abiding by the stated policies, are delinquent in paying bills, or are disrespectful to her, her clinic or her staff.  If she chooses to terminate your relationship, she will notify you in writing. You will then have 30 days to find a new physician, during which time she will be available to you for urgent health issues only. You may request a transfer of medical records to your new physician.

These policies may be updated periodically. Please check back from time to time to see what may have changed

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