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Healthy Salad


Here you will find the content for this program which is added periodically throughout the course of the month.


You will also receive:

Daily emails. These will be sent straight to your inbox!

20% off at my online dispensary over the course of the month (see below)

Access to a closed FB group which will serve as platform for open discussion, sharing of inspiration, meal ideas, and encouragement. I will also go live once/ week on Wednesday nights at 7 pm to answer any questions. 

Online Dispensary

Below is a link to my online dispensary through Wellevate where you can find top grade neutricutical supplements as well as beauty care products


Week 1

I am launching a physical practice in Burlington, Vermont in Fall 2020 where I will accept most major insurances. At this location I will be your doctor with the ability to bill insurance, prescribe medications, order labs and imaging and place referrals if necessary. Due to COVID19, I also offer and encourage telemedicine visits when possible to minimize exposure to the virus. I will soon be scheduling appointments for the Fall.

Woman & Doctor
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