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I see clients US-wide through my comprehensive package.

For Vermont patients:

Railyard Apothecary

270 Battery St.

Burlington VT 05401

See directions below


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To Railyard Apothecary (effective 8/11/22) 
270 Battery St. Burlington VT

My new office will be located in the beautiful Railyard Apothecary. When coming from the east, drive down the hill to the end of Maple Street and take a left at the light onto Battery Street (the scuba shop is on the corner). Staying to the left of the railroad tracks, drive into the dirt parking lot, down the line of warehouses  to the very end where the building turns blue. We are number 270 (the last door) and there are signs for RAILYARD near our door. Parking is near our door. 

I highly recommend checking out the link on Railyard's page if you have not been there before:

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