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Hormonal Harmony

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This is a 6 week program that will empower you with knowledge about your hormones, get you in tuned with your cycle, learn how to live in sync with your cycle rather than working against it; and how to support unwanted symptoms with diet, lifestyle, environmental, herbal and supplement recommendations. 

~This stuff is not magic or top secret, BUT it's NOT something we talk about a lot.
It's information ALL women should have about their cycles

~You can use your cycle as a guide to set you up for success rather than viewing it as something that we have to work AGAINST. 

~This truly is holistic medicine at its best, exploring how to support your hormones
from every possible angle. 

This program is for you if:

~You experience unwanted symptoms like irregular, painful or heavy periods, acne or PMS.
~You want to learn how to live in harmony with your cycle. 
~You want to get pregnant now, want to get pregnant in the future, or never want to get pregnant because hormonal health means fertility health. 
~You want to identify your fertile window, either for the purpose of planning for or preventing pregnancy
~You know there's a better way to support your hormonal health but you're overwhelmed by everything you see on the internet

Who Are We

What you can expect

~Self led, all virtual content in the form of videos, delivered to you on a weekly basis that will cover:

  • Cycle tracking

  • What the heck happens during a menstrual cycle

  • Myth busting some common misconceptions about hormones and fertility

  • The importance of diet and blood sugar regulation on hormonal health

  • The impact of the thyroid and adrenals and how to support yours

  • How to optimize GI health and detox pathways 

~A list of my favorite herbs and supplements to support your hormones

~A guide to labs to evaluate your hormones so you can know what to ask for and how to know if they are optimal vs normal

~20% off supplements during the course of the program

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